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Read before use!

Very important information, especially if its your first Paella pan

The original Valencian Paella is better enjoyed knowing its true origins

All of our paella pans are manufactured in Valencia, Spain. Due to our unique manufacturing process, our paella pans are more resistant than other competing brands.

These paella pans have always been used in the traditional Valencian kitchen for the preparation of their paellas and diverse stews. Although it is a very delicate paella, professionals chefs use our products to maintain the traditional taste of the authentic Valencian paella.


Boil water in the recipient, then rinse it with soap and water. Avoid scratches or bumps. Another method is to cook a small amount of onion on the pan, then boil it with the water. When water starts to boil, remove water and wash thoroughly.


Never apply heat to an empty recipient. Avoid overheating or abrupt changes in temperature. Avoid all types of marks and scratches. Never use in a microwave. During its use, all parts will be HOT. Use heat protection at all times while use, keep away from children.


Clean the recipient with water and detergent. Once clean, dry immediately. Do not let it air dry. Use a clean paper towel to apply oil to both sides of the pan, this avoids rust. Even though this stainless steel recipient is very delicate, it continues to be a highly used product for the authentic Valencian kitchen. .


After applying the oil, cover the recipient in paper towels and then insert the covered recipient into a plastic bag. Store in a vertical position in a dry place.


Never apply heat to an empty recipient or at extremely high temperatures. Use moderate temperatures.
To cook only use interior burners. When adding water to the recipient, you may use both burner rings. We are not responsible for mishandling of the product.


CASTEVIA IMPORTS offers a wide variety of brands, which help improve our customer’s results during our years of experience in the market. We also offer a great combination of ingredients of your choice for an authentic paella due to our knowledge and business relations with other manufacturers.


The best products for the best price in the market. We ship our products straight from our manufacturer. From the moment you receive the product in your location, you’ll know the quality of our authentic products used to cook the original Valencian paella. All our products have a 2-year warranty from the date of the purchase. This warranty only covers manufacturing damages or defects. In these types of polished steel recipients, you may sometimes find small scratches but these do not influence in the process of cooking the authentic Valencian paella. This is due to our advanced manufacturing process in which our products are made. A combination of an original homemade process and the latest technology.

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